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12 Nations were equipped with Helite Airbags at the London 2012 Olympics, over 35,000 Air Jackets worldwide are fitted with Helite Airbags.

Helite Air Shell Gilet saves Katie

I just wanted to let you know that my air jacket saved my life at the weekend.  I've owned an air jacket for a long time.  It's was actually one I won in a competition so I didn't get a choice of colour. I never liked it (I admit to being vain!) so only wore it for cross country. After a couple of friends had silly falls I decided I wanted to wear an air jacket more often so as a birthday present, I swapped it for a helite gilet style air jacket with the plan that I wore it every time I rode.  And boy am I glad I did!

I was out hacking with friends and we came to a gate  I went to open it on my very sane horse and either something startled him or it was a miss communication but he ended up trying to jumping it from a stand still which resulted in a rotational fall. I had the full weight of him on my upper body. I felt the jacket protecting me. In that split second I knew he would need to shift his weight to get off me and my hip and pelvis got rather smashed but without my air jacket - who knows!  I was airlifted to hospital and will be in for some time.  But I feel very lucky that broken/dislocated bones are my only injuries and thought I should let you know how it saved me.  Katie x 

Air Jacket saves my life!by Katie Dickson
Hannah Wilson

I have attached a photo of me wearing my new hat silk I was given for my birthday as well as my helite air jacket and racesafe body protector at Homme House for our first BE! I love them all!

Thank you so much

Hannah Wilson
Holly Bradshaw's Nasty Fall at Osberton

So grateful that I had my Helite air jacket on. He fell on top of me and then stood on my back while getting up. Would have been so much worse without it so thank u  💜 x

Holly Bradshaw's Nasty Fall at Osberton
Phoebe Lang

The jacket I recently ordered from you fits perfectly. I'm so happy to have found this product. Nothing else I own (several of the vests) is exactly show ring worthy. I'm very pleased.

Phoebe Lang
Courtesy of Attic Photography

Just a short line to say thank you to Charlie for the fantastic service ensuring I had my Helite jacket in time for the Diana's of the Chase Sidesaddle race.

Victoria Nicholls
Germaine Maynard

I rode in my new Helite blouson air jacket yesterday and the freedom it gave me was amazing. I always wear a body protector when I ride as I have a knack of falling off and breaking limbs. It was lovely to ride and not feel restricted.

I loved it so much I have just ordered a gilet which will be lovely for the summer.


Germaine Maynard
Harriet Lunnon

I was bought one of the helite airjacket gilets from your stand at Olympia at Christmas. I absolutely love it and always wear it now when I compete (BSJA) or get on young horses coming in and out of my yard. It looks very smart and is not noticeable in the slightest, to the extent that I have been called into judges boxes when they have (finally) noticed it....and they think that I am just wearing a normal gilet.

Thanks again for a great product.


Harriet Lunnon
Georgie Spence

"To me my helite air jacket is like a seat belt, I wouldn't go in a car without my seat belt on and I wouldn't jump a XC fence without my air jacket! More now than ever....after a recent fall, breaking my collar bone, I know I was as well protected as I could be! Without my helite air jacket my injuries could have been a lot worse! It's not just protecting broken bones, it's the potential bruising, I barely had any bruising after my fall, you know you are guaranteed a much softer and safer landing!!"

Georgie Spence
Joe Whitaker competing in his Helite Blouson.

'Gone are the days of bulky, cumbersome air jackets! The new Air Shell Range of jackets by Helite are the future! Being permitted by British Showjumping means that I can compete in the Blouson and can wear the Gilet for day to day riding'.

Joe Whitaker: Air Shell Range
Katrina Brundell: Air Shell Gilet

'Thankyou for the new Air Shell Gilet to zip onto my Blouson.   I am really pleased with the whole package.  I wore the gilet outer for the first time and was delighted with it.  Thankyou for the excellent customer service!'

Katrina Brundell: Air Shell Gilet
Lisa Davies

Thank you so much for my air jacket, received next day, great custmer service.

Lisa Davies, Ireland, July 2014

Lisa Davies
Louise Whitaker out for a hack in her Helite Air Shell Gilet.

'From Big Tracks to Sunday Hacks, Looking Good, Feeling Safe!'

Louise Whitaker: Air Shell Range
International Showjumper Louise Whitaker in her Helite Air Shell Blouson.

"Looks and feels great when competing and gives me confidence when schooling at home."

Louise Whitaker
Diana Daniels

"After spending years in a Body Protector, I now feel free to be able to move in my Helite Air Shell Blouson -I love it!"

Diana Daniels
Alice Pearson, International Event rider.

"I am seriously lucky to have been able to just get up and walk away. If I hadn't been wearing my helite jacket I certainly would have had multiple internal injuries, broken ribs and punctured lungs to say the least, as my horse rotated and landed immediately on me. Spectators were amazed my injury totalled a broken wrist and sore leg!
I thank Helite enormously and will never go across country without one ever again".

Alice Pearson
Amelia Walker, GB Young Rider

"As a young rider moving up through the classes there are always so many things to think and worry about.  The good news is that once my Helite Air Jacket is clipped on I know that my safety is not one of them"

Amelia Walker
Bonnie Fishburn, Event Rider

To read Bonnie's Blog please follow the link:

Would just like to say a huge thank you to Treehouse Sporting colours, with out your wonderful Helite jacket, who knows what state I could be in today, after having 680kg of horse landing on top of me at Cholmondeley Castle, after an air ambulance ride to hospital and a few nights in. I'm back out to tell the tale and I'm sure if it wasn't for the speediness of the triggering device on your helite jacket, things may be different now, the jackets had a tiny brief moment to respond and protect me and it managed to do just that. If anyone out there that competes cross country with out one of these Helite air jackets, please consider getting your self down to Tree House Sporting Colours to discuss your next and best ever purchase, a very friendly team with a wealth of knowledge will be happy to answer all your questions. May seem an expense at first but when it comes to the day that you need your Helite air jacket, you won't even question the price, really really makes sense. Massive thank you to Theresa and Charlie and their team for sorting me out with my Helite air jacket.
TreeHouse Sporting Colours support didn't stop there, I chatted to Theresa after my accident and told her how the paramedics had cut off my skull cap, cut through the laces on my body protector, cut my cross country shirt off and broken a clip on my air jacket. I was really pleasantly surprised then to receive a little package from Theresa  with a Get Well Soon message on the back on one of their postcards and a new gas canister, some new body protector laces and a new cross country top. This was such a kind gesture and I thank them so much for it  :-)

Bonnie Fishburn
Emily Llewellyn, British Eventing Team Member

"In a sport like Evening saftey is key and I think there are only up sides in wearing a Helite air jacket. The Helite Air Jackets are really comfortable you don't notice you are wearing them and they last for years! They are an essential investment in my eyes!"

Emily Llewellyn
Gemma Tattersall, GB Eventing Nations Team

“I absolutely love my Helite air jacket. It is great to be able to ride in my colours and it looks really smart. It is lightweight and so comfortable to ride in I hardly notice it yet still have the reassurance of the proven trigger system to protect me. I have had a couple of falls when I know I would have been much worse off without the air jackets protection and  I would now never compete without it. I even use it for xc schooling and riding youngsters. There is so much risk associated with our sport and if the air jacket can significantly reduce that risk it has got to be a good thing!”

Gemma Tattersall
Georgie Spence

"My Helite Air Jacket is great, it is so light weight and I don't even notice I am wearing it. I trust the trigger system 100% and feel so much safer when I am wearing it. The Helite Air Jacket has  been proven to prevent so many injuries, and the falls I have had in it would have been a lot worse if I had not been wearing the jacket.

I honestly don't know why anyone would ride without one!!"

Georgie Spence
Phillipa Kate Wittrick

"I just want to say thanks for such excellent customer service and assistance! I am chuffed with my new air jacket and you really did go the extra mile! It's extremely rare these days!

Thank you".

Phillipa Kate Wittrick
Vicki Hancox, Event rider

"We all know the importance of safety when eventing and anything can
 go wrong at anytime, so why wouldn't you have a Helite Air Jacket.
 In 2011 I had a serious fall eventing my very trusty school mistress
 and broke my back. Once fully recovered and back riding the first thing
 I brought was an Air Jacket. I now have the Helite
 Air Jacket from Treehouse Sporting Colours.
 The second time I wore my jacket a had an unscheduled dunking in
 the water at a British Eventing event and I was over the moon with the
 response from my jacket. The speed and reaction of the trigger system
 was undoubtedly amazing and I was inflated before I passed Dudley's
 ears let alone hitting the floor! Dudley had stumbled and pecked on
 his nose and my jacket still had time to inflate before I hit the
 floor when my horse was so close to the floor too!! After my fall I
 was completely pain free and no whip lash just soggy pants!!! With the
 lovely acrobatics I did I could of been out of action and potentially out of work. This is something I can't afford to do! Helite is by far the best jacket on the market, I find it far more comfortable and I don't even notice I have it on.  It is also very reassuring that the jacket hasbeen through intensive research and has a proven trigger system.
Don't leave it too late like I did, your safety is paramount so it's always worth buying the best.

Vicki Hancox
The Original Air Jacket.

"I was sceptical of buying an Air Jacket originally, I was convinced it would get in my way whilst riding and be a real distraction.  Having been convinced by a friend  (and Wife!) I am now the proud owner of a Helite Air Jacket and so far the only time I have noticed it was when I landed on the floor and got up again with minimal bruises!"

Mr P. Bushell
The Childs Air Jacket by Helite

"Having done some research, it was the fact that the technology involved had been tested to such high standards that convinced me I was doing the right thing by buying my daughter a Helite Air Jacket, safety isn’t something I compromise on".

Mrs S. Norman
The Helite Original Air Jacket

"My Helite Air Jacket is by far the best present I have ever bought myself – It gives me such peace of mind to know that I have done everything I can to minimise the risk of seriously injuring myself. And it comes in Pink!!"

Mrs T.Moss