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The Original Air Jacket by Helite

  • Range of colours but also available limited edition colours
  • Helite Original Air Jacket
  • Helite Original Air Jacket in dark blue
  • Helite Original Air Jacket in Emerald Green.
  • Helite Air Jacket in pink
  • Helite Original Air Jacket
  • Inflated Helite Original Air Jacket
  • Helite Air Jacket in grey
  • Olympic German Rider Bettina Hoy wears Helite
  • Olympic Team GB rider Gemma Tattersall wears Helite
  • Nations Cup winner 2017 Helite Rider Georgie Spence
  • Holly Needham at Weston

from £420.00

Helite are the Worldwide Experts in Airbag Technology

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  • Helite Air Jackets offer protection for the back, pelvis, chest and neck coverage as well as preventing impact injuries.
  • When not inflated the Air Jacket allows for full body movement. When inflated the jacket supports the spinal column to prevent over flexion of the spine. We also recommend to wear a BETA level 3 approved body protector for maximum protection.
  • Multi directional trigger with fastest inflation time of less than 0.1 seconds.
  • Your Air Jacket will arrive ready to use, supplied with 2 gas canisters (1 installed),lanard and saddle strap.
  • The Helite Trigger system uses a screw in canister - this is the most proven and safest system when screwed in correctly.
  • British Eventing, British Showjumping and British Dressage approved.
  • Air Bag warranty comes as 2 years standard but can be extended to 4 years by registering with Helite

Helite are working with leading retail brands; Maxi-Cosi, Alstom, Peugeot, Michelin.  Please see the link below to see the Helite Factory and their processes.

Please read the manual that is supplied before use.

For more details, please see the feature list below...

  • Original Air Jacket in black

    Black from £420.00

    - +
  • Grey Original Air Jacket

    Grey Original Air Jacket from £455.00

    - +
  • Helite's Original Air Jacket in navy

    Dark Blue from £455.00

    - +
  • Original Air Jacket in light blue

    Light Blue from £430.00

    - +
  • Helite's Original Air jacket in royal blue

    Royal Blue from £455.00

    - +
  • Brown

    Brown from £455.00

    - +
  • Helite Original Air Jacket in dark green

    Dark Green from £455.00

    - +
  • Original Air Jacket in emerald green

    Emerald Green from £455.00

    - +
  • High Viz Helite Original Air jacket

    Hi-Viz from £455.00

    - +
  • Helite Original Air Jacket in Limited Edition Maroon.

    Maroon- Limited Edition from £430.00

    - +
  • Helite Original Air Jacket in Limited Edition Orange.

    Orange- Limited Edition from £455.00

    - +
  • Helite's Original Air Jacket in pink

    Pink from £455.00

    - +
  • Original Air Jacket in Purple

    Purple from £455.00

    - +
  • Helite's Original Air jacket in red

    Red from £455.00

    - +
    • All Helite Air Jackets have a Multi-directional Triggering System to ensure safe release of the rider.
    • Protection is given to the full length of the back, pelvis and chest, as well as protection for the sides and back of the neck. This greatly reduces the risk of whiplash injuries and helps to prevent impact injuries.
    • The Air Jacket is designed to be worn in conjunction with a body protector when competing, but the jacket can also be worn by itself at the rider's discretion.
    • When not inflated the Air Jacket allows for full body movement. When inflated the jacket supports the spinal column to prevent over flexion of the spine.
    • All Air Jackets will arrive ready to use, each one is supplied with a gas canister installed and a lanyard to connect the rider to the saddle (an extra canister is supplied free of charge).
    • N.B. If you have not experienced the Air Jacket inflate, we advise to do a trial inflation before wearing it on a horse, this is why we supply an extra canister.
    • The lanyard is a fixed length with a clip to attach to the ring on the saddle straps. The saddle strap attaches to the stirrup bars on the saddle and is included with the Air Jacket.
    • When used with a BETA approved Level 3 body protector the Air Jacket improves protection to the spine by up to 69%. It also provides approximately 45% more protection for the lower spine than a BETA level 3 body protector alone. The Air Jacket worn with or without a Body Protector, reduced the risk of rib fractures and underlying organ damage, by as much as 20%.
    • The Helite Trigger system uses a screw in canister - this is a proven and safe system. The canister must be screwed in tightly; under no circumstances should screw thread be visible. The plug at the bottom must also be screwed in fully, an allan key is supplied to do this.
    • The wearer of the Adult Air Jacket must weigh at least 6 stone (38.1 kg) in weight to ensure the trigger system is activated in the event of a fall.
    • Helite Canister Change

    • Helite Demonstration at Your Horse Live

  • "As a young rider moving up through the classes there are always so many things to think and worry about.  The good news is that once my Helite Air Jacket is clipped on I know that my safety is not one of them"

    Amelia Walker

    To read Bonnie's Blog please follow the link:

    Would just like to say a huge thank you to Treehouse Sporting colours, with out your wonderful Helite jacket, who knows what state I could be in today, after having 680kg of horse landing on top of me at Cholmondeley Castle, after an air ambulance ride to hospital and a few nights in. I'm back out to tell the tale and I'm sure if it wasn't for the speediness of the triggering device on your helite jacket, things may be different now, the jackets had a tiny brief moment to respond and protect me and it managed to do just that. If anyone out there that competes cross country with out one of these Helite air jackets, please consider getting your self down to Tree House Sporting Colours to discuss your next and best ever purchase, a very friendly team with a wealth of knowledge will be happy to answer all your questions. May seem an expense at first but when it comes to the day that you need your Helite air jacket, you won't even question the price, really really makes sense. Massive thank you to Theresa and Charlie and their team for sorting me out with my Helite air jacket.
    TreeHouse Sporting Colours support didn't stop there, I chatted to Theresa after my accident and told her how the paramedics had cut off my skull cap, cut through the laces on my body protector, cut my cross country shirt off and broken a clip on my air jacket. I was really pleasantly surprised then to receive a little package from Theresa  with a Get Well Soon message on the back on one of their postcards and a new gas canister, some new body protector laces and a new cross country top. This was such a kind gesture and I thank them so much for it  :-)

    Bonnie Fishburn

    "In a sport like Evening saftey is key and I think there are only up sides in wearing a Helite air jacket. The Helite Air Jackets are really comfortable you don't notice you are wearing them and they last for years! They are an essential investment in my eyes!"

    Emily Llewellyn

    “I absolutely love my Helite air jacket. It is great to be able to ride in my colours and it looks really smart. It is lightweight and so comfortable to ride in I hardly notice it yet still have the reassurance of the proven trigger system to protect me. I have had a couple of falls when I know I would have been much worse off without the air jackets protection and  I would now never compete without it. I even use it for xc schooling and riding youngsters. There is so much risk associated with our sport and if the air jacket can significantly reduce that risk it has got to be a good thing!”

    Gemma Tattersall

    "My Helite Air Jacket is great, it is so light weight and I don't even notice I am wearing it. I trust the trigger system 100% and feel so much safer when I am wearing it. The Helite Air Jacket has  been proven to prevent so many injuries, and the falls I have had in it would have been a lot worse if I had not been wearing the jacket.

    I honestly don't know why anyone would ride without one!!"

    Georgie Spence

    "I was sceptical of buying an Air Jacket originally, I was convinced it would get in my way whilst riding and be a real distraction.  Having been convinced by a friend  (and Wife!) I am now the proud owner of a Helite Air Jacket and so far the only time I have noticed it was when I landed on the floor and got up again with minimal bruises!"

    Mr P. Bushell

    "Having done some research, it was the fact that the technology involved had been tested to such high standards that convinced me I was doing the right thing by buying my daughter a Helite Air Jacket, safety isn’t something I compromise on".

    Mrs S. Norman

    "My Helite Air Jacket is by far the best present I have ever bought myself – It gives me such peace of mind to know that I have done everything I can to minimise the risk of seriously injuring myself. And it comes in Pink!!"

    Mrs T.Moss